Frekvens audio lighting
26 / 05 / 20

personalisation reaches IKEA

Inspiration Team

Functional design was a term once used to describe utilitarian products containing just one purposeful function at their core. However an emerging movement is now redefining that term by creating systems that enable users to combine products with individual functions together within infinitely adaptable structures. In so doing the user is able to create a functional solution for any particular moment, which can then be readily reassembled into a different combination when circumstances change. 'Form creates Function' you might say.

Since 2005, Swedish design collective Teenage Engineering, have been working in this field and have recently collaborated with IKEA on a new range of audio and lighting equipment called Frekvens.

Resplendent in a series of bold colour pops, derived from electrical circuitry colours, Teenage Engineering have created a range of light and speaker modules that, according to the functional requirement, can be fixed together in a combination that is both unique to the application and the user’s method of assembly.

Teenage engineer

It is very simple, fun and playful. You will become like a home roadie. Setting up your own sound system and light show

Jesper Kouthoofd, Head of Design and Founder, Teenage Engineering

These new approaches towards adaptable functionality are leading to levels of product customisation that allow owners to further adjust and adapt products during their lifespan. Not only is this phenomenon acting to reassure customers concerned with purchasing products that will not grow with them, but it is also presenting opportunities to unlock a more sustainable approach to product lifecycles and disposable culture.

Allowing you to design your own bathroom fittings that can be changed along their lifespan is at the core of our focus here at Varied Forms. When we formed the company we understood that to do this we not only needed to provide the engineering solutions and web platform that would allow you to create, but that we also needed to offer you our wealth of bathroom expertise so that you can take those decisions with confidence. You’ll see plenty of this support starting to appear on our site as we grow and in the meantime please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to guide.

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