A new form of timeless design

Now more than ever, we are styling our homes in ways that are more personal to us and our own tastes.
However, we also know that these tastes will change over time and that change is not easy to reflect in your bathroom without undertaking substantial building work.

We want to give you an alternative..

Just as you refresh your sofa with new throw cushions, we want to allow you the freedom to experiment with new looks as they arise, re-purpose spaces, or just fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

And that’s why we’ve engineered our collection of modular handle and spout components to be easily exchanged on our bathroom taps whenever you want – without the assistance of a plumber.

Not only does this allow you to keep your bathroom on-trend, but it also reflects our sustainability vision – fit your taps once and then refresh them rather than purchasing new ones.

New thinking for a better experience

Thanks to our new concept, you’ll be able to select from an ever-growing collection of components, with new spouts, handle shapes and materials scheduled to launch every season.

Having a tap design that is unique to you is great..

..but, as bathroom design obsessives, we also know how important it is to have products that simply work well.

That’s why we spend a significant amount of our time working on many technical improvements that make our taps unique, not only by aesthetic, but also in their daily use – like our bath taps that fill your tub faster.

We believe it’s all these small details that, when combined, add up to the better experience that we wish for all our customers.

Bathroom taps, created by you, enabled by us

As a brand with creativity at its heart, Varied Forms is a great match for Architects and Interior Designers – several interior designers on our team keep us focused on delivering solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

As a result, we might be the easiest tap brand you've ever used..

..providing you with things like CAD drawings for all our products, in multiple (useful) file formats and high-resolution images of all your custom tap designs with transparent backgrounds that you can quickly apply to your boards.

These are all available to you, together with multiple other useful tools, without any annoying password or verification checks – simply choose what you need from the toolbar at the bottom of our Go Create’ section, or, to make life even simpler, download all our CAD drawings in one file here.

Everything you need, all in one place

Understanding that your work can often face time pressures, we’ve developed a comprehensive product range that makes it quick to build specifications and match finishes. No more struggling to find an accessory in a matching finish – we’ve got you covered. From basin wastes to toilet flushplates or heated towel rails, we have everything you need and in every finish… and if you can’t find it, then just ask.

In a technical area of the home like the bathroom...

… we understand the importance of trusting the products that you recommend, where the risk of getting it wrong is higher than other areas of the home.

We also understand that this can result in endlessly repeating tap and shower specifications across projects.

As creatives, we share the need to feel inspired by the spaces we create.

We believe that Varied Forms offers you a new alternative – to tailor your tap designs perfectly to each scheme, while knowing that, underneath, they all share the same highly engineered mechanisms that you have already set up in your library and you can rely on.

New opportunities for commercial projects

Our systems also allow for easy customization of our products for commercial projects such as hotels, offices and restaurants, without the time, cost, and durability concerns traditionally associated with bespoke solutions – offer your clients a branded look along with multiple new marketing opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our professional services, or just want someone to help build your specification with you, please get in touch. One of our knowledgeable consultants will respond promptly.

Selected with passion, built for life

As material obsessives the finishes we select for our core offering reflects our passion for contemporary interior design alongside a relentless focus to ensure that our entire collection works well together regardless of the combination you choose – whether that’s selecting everything to match or mixing colours and materials together.

Bathrooms environments test interior products significantly, with minerals, soaps, oils and creams all demanding that our taps and showers are built to the highest standards. That’s why we only use the finest mechanisms and build our products entirely from brass, which is then coated with materials that we know can stand up to these tests.

Accidents do happen however and, should the worst happen, knowing that each component is easily replaceable is part of the reassurance that you receive with our unique product proposal.

Metal Finishes

In collaboration with industry experts, we have developed a range of metal finishes to meet the visual requirement of contemporary bathrooms whilst also achieving the surface qualities that make our products so satisfying to use.

Our metals are applied to the main parts of our products and therefore define their underlying character – whether it’s our Soft Black for a contrast, Warm Brass as a statement, Silver Steel for an industrial twist, Dark Bronze for a touch of elegance or Simply Chrome for a clean utilitarian look – each one offers a unique style.

Coloured Finishes

Colour used to be something associated with kids, but not anymore! When applied either as matching or contrasting accents to our handles, these subtle pastel tones help to create looks that are both sophisticated and invigorating.

In creating a series of colours, we looked to the natural environment around us as our inspiration – whether it’s the earthy tone of Riverbank, the desaturated green of Almost Harvest, the coastal vibe of Bleached Deck or the holiday memories of Pink Sand – coloured finishes can serve as a subtle way to add colour to the bathroom without going as far as colouring the walls.

Marbles & Stones

If you are looking for a luxurious touch for your bathroom, why not select one (or a combination of) our stone accents?

Handcrafted by skilled stone masons in the hills of northern Italy, these handle accents add a touch of sophistication to any of our products – from White Carrara’s classical elegance to the warmth of Sand Stone, the cool shades of Grey Moon, or Aqua Marine, so evocative of the rippled waters at your favourite holiday destination spot.

More materials coming soon

Alongside our planned launches of new modular component shapes, watch this space also for a continued selection of interesting and on-trend materials to keep your bathroom and kitchen spaces refreshed.

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