A collection of bathroom taps spouts

it all started with a question...

"How can we make bathroom taps that can be unique to each of our customers’ schemes, allow them to stay on trend and yet not cost the earth?"

That’s what we asked ourselves after hearing repeatedly from customers who wanted to make changes and create a tap design that was more tailored to their own unique bathroom scheme.

Despite having almost 50 combined years designing and supplying taps, we were left scrambling to find any sort of solution from an industry whose model works by manufacturing large amount of products in bulk and just can’t provide the flexibility that these requests needed.

But we’re a collection of bathroom obsessives who don’t take “no” for an answer. We hit the drawing board to work out a solution, and just two years later we're almost ready to open our doors.

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Customisable bathroom tap handles
Brass basin tap with green handles
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this is not a normal bathroom tap range, but instead a collection of finely engineered modular components that you can assemble however you like.

unlike other taps...

When you get tired of your combo or fashions change, just order some new features and instantly change up your look yourself, no plumber required.

Color swatches

varied forms for varied styles...

with a series of different spouts to choose from you can vary both the finish and form of your design as you construct your very own design solution.

Spout constrast8

what makes us unique.


swappable handles


simple installation systems


adjustable water flow direction


a team of experts to help you build your spec


We believe it’s the little things that count, and we think our commitment to that mantra makes living with our products all that bit more enjoyable.

To learn more on how we make this happen feel free to head over to our articles or reach out to our team. Whatever you need - be it advice, pricing or even to ask for something special – we’ll always be there for you.

Vinyette Colour Pop Sides Low

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